Andy Pag

JOURNALIST, Sustainability Speaker & Innovative Eco-Adventurer


Claiming to be fluent in Italian, French and car mechanics, motivational speaker Andy Pag says that he is fascinated by adventure and fear and exposes himself to both of them on a regular basis.

In his younger days, Andy had various summer jobs in Europe as a tour-guide but he is most widely known for his two-year trip around inhabitable parts of the world in an old school bus fuelled by waste cooking oil. The bus came from a scrap yard and Andy refurbished the interior using reclaimed materials. He then set off from London and did the entire journey on fuel “made from sources of other peoples’ waste”.

Before this trip, motivational speaker Andy drove a lorry to Timbuktu using biodiesel made from factory waste cocoa butter. He then organised a European rally involving cars converted to run on waste frying oil from restaurants. It was billed as “the Grease to Greece Rally”. Sticking with environmental issues, Andy was also called in by the Blue Peter children’s programme to help out in a ‘green’ car race. The self-proclaimed “chip fat expert” won the race with the programme’s presenter.

Andy’s other passion is journalism and he is renowned for his investigative work for the BBC. The motivational speaker combines this with his skills as a photographer to produce stories and photos designed to inspire and motivate. One of Andy’s biggest investigations – Vice Girl or Victim? – looked into sex-trafficking in the UK involving women from China and Taiwan.

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  • Sustainability
  • The Environment
  • Staying Motivated in Tough Times
  • Teamwork & Engaging with Communities across Cultures
  • Embracing Change & Challenge
  • Travel & Transport
  • Science

‘Andy was extremely engaging, authoritative, enthusiastic and yet measured. He backed up his words with great photos and plenty of good stories. In short, very entertaining and people will remember him and his story.’ – Deloitte

‘Andy wowed the crowd and transformed the evening into a rollercoaster ride of adventure and insightful lessons.’ – Porters Progress

In saying that, I would highly recommend you and Champions too. All your dealings in the process of this booking have been highly professional and extremely helpful to us as we have sought to make a b