Jordan Belfort

The 'Wolf of Wall Street'

During the 1990’s, Jordan Belfort constructed one of the most dynamic successful sales organisations in the history of Wall Street. He earned a staggering $50 million in a year after raising a substantial amount of $1.5 billion, Jordan was nicknamed ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

Jordan owned Stratton Oakmont, he employed over 1000 stockbrokers. It was this company where he raised an amazing figure of $1.5 billion dollars. He created 30 million dollar companies, from scratch.

Acting as a consultant Jordan has worked very closely with more than 50 public companies. Jordan has been written about in practically every newspaper and magazine involving The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.  As well as being written about he has also written two books entitled, The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching The Wolf Of Wall Street they’ve been published in 40 different countries being translated into 18 different languages.

Working on Wall Street, he surrendered to a few bad traits associated with a Wall Street lifestyle. Incredible in its own respect Jordan has emerged from this experience a restored person transitioning to motivational speaking and teaching other people his skills.

His method, Straight Line System makes it possible for Jordan to take any company or individual empowering them to achieve colossal wealth and success without damaging morals or ethics.

He worked closely with Martin Scorsese to create a film based on his life story entitled ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

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