Julie White

D-Drill Managing Director

It is difficult to imagine a former pizza vendor as the Managing Director of a multi-million pound company securing contracts with some of the biggest businesses in Britain and Europe. This, however, is the remarkable story of Julie White.

Indeed, Julie is a motivational speaker who perfectly embodies leadership at its very best. It might be due to the fact that she left college with moderate grades that she has invested an incredible amount of time in training and recruitment advances taking place in British governance and policy.

At the beginning of her career, Julie was an entrepreneur and founded Superfloor UK Ltd in 2001, which witnessed a surge in profits under her leadership. Just 7 years later, she bought out the already established D-Drill, a diamond drilling firm that also serves the construction industry. At the time, she was the only woman in such a position. In fact, even now Julie is one of the only women ever to successfully lead a construction business.

Julie is an icon of business in the West Midlands and an inspiration to thousands of young women nationwide. Her leadership skills have also been recognised by official bodies, with both the company and Julie personally receiving numerous accolades.

What makes Julie unique as a motivational speaker is that she has transformed the employment structure of D-Drill, so that over 50% of employees have undertaken, or are currently undertaking, training and apprenticeships. Overcoming these management challenges has led to lucrative contracts with the House of Commons and The Shard in London.

In her role as a business speaker, she has been invited to numerous television interviews, including BBC Radio 4’s ‘Bottom Line’, Radio 5’s ‘On the Money’, as well as an appearance as a panellist on Question Time in 2012. Most impressively, she has also worked as a business speaker for the British Government and played a vital role in the creation of a national database of apprentices in 2013.

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