Karen Darby

Entrepreneur & Multi-Million Pound Business Owner

Karen Darby defied all the odds to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs. The name SimplySwitch will resonate with hordes of people, having saved them a total of £2 million since its establishment in 2002.

To match Karen’s calibre as a motivational speaker is almost impossible. Her climb to the top of a profession that she was essentially excluded from is truly inspirational. Growing up on a council estate and leaving school with few qualifications meant she was an unlikely candidate to establish future multi-million pound businesses. Despite this, she made a hugely brave decision to launch her own business after noticing a sizeable gap in the telesales and marketing industry.

Remarkably, she refused to burden her fledgling company with debt and instead raised £125,000 in venture capital to launch SimplySwitch. After just three years she sold the business for £22 million, a x22 return on investment. More impressively, this has proved the model for ethical equity investment.

Karen’s work as a motivational speaker is buttressed by her own business success, which truly speaks for itself. The courage and ingenuity she demonstrated in the successful development and sale of two businesses indicates that she is a wise and shrewd businesswoman.

Karen’s sunny outlook and optimistic attitude are perfectly suited to a role as a motivational speaker, as she preaches positivity and decisiveness to would-be entrepreneurs. Her presentations are dynamic and high-energy, whilst she has also amassed extensive broadcasting experience having been interviewed on numerous occasions.

There is no better person to discuss the highs and inevitable lows of founding and running a business. More importantly, she explains how to turn setbacks into an advantage. She tailors every presentation to the client and brief, so possible topics include: women in business, raising finance and a more light-hearted story of ‘how to be a millionaire’.

Recently, Karen has founded Working Chance, a company set up to help women make the transition into the world of employment. Even more excitingly, she founded the hugely popular and incredibly successful CrowdMission, the world’s first crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs.

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