Ken Hughes

leading Consumer, Shopper Behaviourist, Playologist & Keynote Speaker

Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes is a British consumer analyst and keynote speaker who is available for hire through Champions Motivational Speakers.

As Europe’s leading consumer and shopper behaviourist, Ken Hughes blends his vast expertise in consumer psychology, social anthropology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing to answer the following question: “Why do shoppers buy and how can we make them buy more?”

His start-up consumer insight organisation, Glacier Consulting, began life as a market research agency, but Ken soon identified his key area of interest as people, not markets.

How humans express their desires and expectations through how and what we buy became his area of expertise, resulting in his agency advising a global client base of some of the world’s biggest brands – Unilever, 3M, IKEA, Coca-Cola, AXA and Heineken to name a few.

Ken is acknowledged as one of the most respected thought leaders on, amongst other fields, shopper marketing, shopper centricity, omnichannel and digital strategy, and retail futurology.

He is also a part-time professor in consumer behaviour and a board member and strategic advisor to many organisations on the future of consumerism and shopper trends.

Voted best speaker at most conferences he has the honour of being invited to attend, it is for Ken’s international career as a keynote speaker that he is most famous – his keynote speeches deliver thought-inspiring content in a captivating and highly energetic manner.

To book Ken Hughes as the marketing and retail speaker for your corporate sales event or conference contact Champions Motivational Speakers by completing the online form or by telephone on: +44 1509 85 29 27.

“Your talk was very well received by all, and your message resonates enormously and was a good reminder to us all to set the bar once again higher in the shopper marketing area. Thanks for taking the time to be with us”


“ We invited Ken to address our key executives around in store marketing to shoppers with a particular emphasis on our digital strategy. Ken’s provocative and engaging style and his clear thought leadership opened up fantastic debates on the changing nature of shopper and consumer engagement for our brands and the business overall. His delivery and facilitation really brought the issues to life and I would highly recommend Ken to kick-start the debate when working on the challenge of integrating digital deep within your marketing programmes “



In saying that, I would highly recommend you and Champions too. All your dealings in the process of this booking have been highly professional and extremely helpful to us as we have sought to make a b