Mike Harris



Mike Harris knows a thing or two about business and is a perfect choice for motivational speaker at any major event. Described as “an extraordinarily stimulating, creative and entertaining speaker”, he is just as comfortable being a keynote speaker at a conference as he is doing less formal presentations to corporate teams or customers over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Mike is best known for being the brains behind the development of three hugely successful high-profile companies – Egg, Mercury Communications and Firstdirect. He also co-founded and was chairman of the digital identity company Garlik which had world wide web creator Tim Berners-Lee on its board.

With the pioneering internet banking organisation Egg, Mike Harris was the CEO, having headed up the company’s predecessor Prudential Banking. Within just two years, Egg was valued on the London Stock Exchange as being worth £1.3bn and it was eventually sold to the Citi Group.

With Mercury Communications, where he was also CEO, Mike led the only major competitor to British Telecom at the time to have a turnover of more than £1.6bn. Over the years, this company morphed into Bell Cable Media then NTL and now it is known as Virgin Media, owned by Richard Branson.

With Firstdirect – again as CEO – Mike Harris used his extensive experience working in IT at Midland Bank, which became HSBC, to create and develop the world’s first major telephone banking service. At the latest count, Firstdirect had 1.25 million customers.

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Mike completely changed the atmosphere of the room – he was inspiring and the round of applause at the end of his talk was heartfelt. We can all learn from him.

– Monica Gibbs, BT Wholesale

In saying that, I would highly recommend you and Champions too. All your dealings in the process of this booking have been highly professional and extremely helpful to us as we have sought to make a b