Sharon Wright



Sharon Wright is a British businesswoman, inventor and entrepreneur most famous for her successful appearance on Dragons Den.

Sharon’s inspirational story began with her leaving school at the age of 16 having obtained just four O Levels, she became one of the many thousands who signed up to the Youth Training Scheme (YTS) Scheme.

Even from the outset of her career, her drive, determination and sheer tenacity meant she became the best in whichever field she applied herself to. Her roles included Quality Assurance Manager, Safety Manager and eventually National Sales Manager for a firm in Rotherham.

In 2006, after watching a BT engineer struggling to slide a cable through a wall at her home with the help of a coat hanger, Sharon picked up some magnets from a local hardware store and discovered there was an easier solution.

After a conversation with a business advisor, she contacted Hull University for help, which informed her that funding was available. They put her in touch with an injection moulder, and before long, the MagnaMole prototype was born.

Sharon’s business became successful on its own accord, but in 2009 she decided to try and break through to the next level, so she went on the popular television business show.

Among a select few to be considered a Dragon Slayer, she impressed every judge to the point where she ended up selling her company’s shares at a higher price than she had originally pitched to them. Before Sharon, the Dragons had never had to head to the back of the room themselves in order to negotiate an appropriate deal that could attract the investee.

After becoming disillusioned by working with the Dragons, Sharon opted to sell 10% of her company for £100,000 to a private investor. She has since gone on to write a book “Mother of Invention” and started a new company; providing podcasts for inspirational speaking that can be used by businesses, schools and universities alike.

A motivational and enthusiastic business speaker, Sharon’s passion for peak performance and extracting the best out of people, as well as her interesting anecdotes on Dragon’s Den, makes for a wonderful highlight to your event.

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