Trewin Restorick

CEO of Global Action Plan


Trewin Restorick is a British charity leader, environmental expert and sustainability speaker available for hire through Champions Motivational Speakers.

Trewin has been part of the Environmental Sector for 20 years and has extensive experience of speaking to audiences at conferences, seminars and workshops.

He is the CEO of independent environmental charity Global Action Plan, which he founded in 1993. The charity runs programmes to reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption and waste with businesses, schools, community organisations and households.

In addition Trewin is the Chair of the Environmental IT Leadership Team (EILT), sits on the Defra Third Sector Advisory Board, is a trustee for Sustainability and Environmental Education, and co-chaired Defra’s Compact Group.

Before starting Global Action Plan, Trewin worked for Friends of the Earth as Recycling Co-ordinator and Head of Marketing. In these roles he established the first blue box kerbside recycling scheme in the UK and created Paper Round, an office based recycling scheme in London which now has a turnover of £3 million. He has also worked for Plymouth City Council, the Dartington Trust and the BBC.

Trewin’s work in the environment sector caught the attention of American presidential candidate and environment activist Al Gore, leading him to appear at a number of speaking and activist events as one of Gore’s UK Climate Change Ambassadors.

Inspiring and informative, Trewin is a successful businessman and passionate activist, having helped to improve the sustainability and energy use of organizations around the world. Because of this, he makes an excellent speaker on the subject of green issues.

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