Bronwen Maddox

Editor of Prospect Magazine

Bronwen maddox

Journalism is fascinating, and so are the people who make sure there is always news to read. Journalists use their words to inform citizens on current topics happening around the world, and this takes a large amount of commitment. Bronwen Maddox is one such example of what a fantastic Journalist can become. She was the former Foreign Editor of The Times newspaper, and currently, she is the Editor and Chief Executive of Prospect Magazine.

One of the most interesting facts about Bronwen Maddox was her past, which wasn’t in journalism, she began her career in 1986 as the director of a private bank called ‘Kleinwort Benson Securities’ working within the media investment team until 1991. Later on in her distinguished career was born in journalism, Bronwen Maddox was used to work for the Financial Times, where she ran the paper’s year-long, award-winning, investigation into the publishing tycoon, Robert Maxwell. Before his death, she mapped the 800 companies making up his corporate empire, establishing that the total amount of debt was overwhelming and unrecoverable.

Her work on the Robert Maxwell piece was something that you don’t see that often in the world of journalism, whilst there might be long stories – this was truly one of a kind piece. It defined her as one of the best journalists in Britain. Combining countless hours of work with Bronwen Maddox’s persistence, the result was a 30,000-word series taking references from over 200 interviews.

A true testament to the field of journalism, she wrote the entire series on her own. Bronwen Maddox won the Financial Times a British Press Award. Later, she then moved to The Times newspaper to be its Washington Bureau Chief and US Editor, later becoming the Foreign Editor. While she no longer works for the “The Times”, occasionally an excellent piece of writing will appear in the newspaper with her name on it.

Bronwen Maddox also showed her in-depth knowledge of finance when in the past she wrote several niche columns, specialising in microeconomics. She was also the correspondent in environmental energy where she spent time travelling widely through Eastern Europe and China. Maddox was also appointed in November 2010 with a mission to build on Prospect‘s reputation for intellectual precision and originality, and to take this to a wider audience. As things stand, its circulation stands at 31,000 and is rapidly growing.

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