John Straw

Internet entrepreneur and an inspirational speaker

john Straw

Finding someone with more experience in the digital services industry is quite frankly impossible. Entrepreneur extraordinaire, John Straw, is a leading authority on emerging technologies and an active early-stage venture capitalist.

In fact, his current catalogue of positions is astonishing: Chairman and Investor in start-up Cloudfind, Non-Executive Director at fellow start-up CTRLio, Principal at Thorium Technology Investors and Chairman of Thomas Cook’s Digital Advisory Board.

The latter position has seen John pioneer a cultural change programme, focusing on moving the business from analogue to digital. He even implemented a unique structure, iClinics, creating a more agile IT development environment.

John’s experiences over the years have helped mould him into an adept and inspirational keynote speaker. It is fascinating to learn what motivates and, more importantly, inspires John to produce concepts that have been industry-leading, as well as industry-changing. Delegates might even be interested in what John looks for in start-ups, especially if they have their own ambitions!

To mention but a few ventures from John’s past must include his time at Interse Corporation in San Francisco, where he was VP of the European Operations arm. The work he did enabled the company to create software products that were significantly ahead of their time. The purchase of Interse by Microsoft in 1997 for $160 million is proof of the incredible work of John.

Most recently, John raised $1.5 million from London and Silicon Valley to found SEO platform, Linkdex. These examples cannot possibly do justice to the incredible work John has undertaken over the years, but his tales are best saved for your event!

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