William Higham


William Higham

Founder of the Next Big Thing strategic consultancy and author of a book of the same name, William Higham is noted for having a superb understanding of the behaviour and attitudes of UK consumers and for being able to predict emerging trends, knowing what trend is “around the corner”.

Beginning his career promoting rock bands, including The Rolling Stones, motivational speaker William is now an accomplished trends forecaster who analyses what opportunities – good or bad – each trend could generate.

By studying previous consumer behaviour, William is able to work out with incredible accuracy what will happen next, how long a trend will last and what its short- and long-term impact will be. Armed with this information, he helps businesses to decide on the most effective strategy to adopt.

Forecasting is an extremely powerful tool in the consumer sector and many of the leading companies in the field – whether operating in products, service or retail – are eager to know where they should focus their efforts so that they can plan their strategies and budgets to maintain a competitive edge.

Motivational speaker William Higham demystifies the whole process of trend forecasting and always leaves audiences wide-eyed and open-minded, able to take a fresh approach to something that previously had been an overly complicated discipline that was difficult to understand.

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  • Futurist Speaker
  • Business Speaker
  • How can you take advantage of tomorrow’s trends?
  • Products and services that will resonate with tomorrow’s consumer
  • 5 trends that will give your company a competitive edge
  • The attitudes of a post-Recession consumer
  • What will the future hold for you – and your customers?
  • How to spot trends and influence people
  • “His insights into the attitudes & behaviour of UK consumers proved highly useful”   Wayne Garvie, MD Content & Production, BBC
  • “William’s presentation was extremely high standard. I look forward to working with him again.”   Amy Davies, EMAP Conferences
  •  “William is a rare talent, cutting through the hype to reveal what is really round the corner.”   Jo Rigby, Insights Head, Omnicom Group
  • “He delivered a really engaging talk that was well-received by the audience.”   Nico McDonald, Chairman of ‘Media Futures’
  • “It was a great pleasure to work with such a professional speaker as William Higham.”   Birgit Oidram, Baltic Conferences, Estonia

In saying that, I would highly recommend you and Champions too. All your dealings in the process of this booking have been highly professional and extremely helpful to us as we have sought to make a b