LCpl Matthew Croucher GC

Royal Marine - Hero from Afghanistan


Lance Corporal Matt Croucher GC is most well-known for his incredible act of bravery in 2007 when he was in the Royal Marines Reserves in Afghanistan and dived on a trip-wired grenade to save the lives of his men. The motivational speaker was awarded the George Cross for his actions and his story appeared in various media outlets around the world.

Joining the Marines when he was 16, Matt progressed to become the anti-tank branch’s heavy weapons specialist. He was also one of the first British soldiers to enter Iraq under Operation Telic 1.

Audiences love to hear from this motivational speaker how he later became a private security contractor with the United Nations in Iraq and how he passed the incredibly difficult Royal Marines’ reconnaissance operators course.

Despite suffering a serious motorbike accident, from which he took nine months to recover, Matt has continued with his part-time military career. He has also authored the book The Royal British Legion – 90 Years Of Heroes, which contains the definitive history of the organisation.

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This is one of the most astonishing stories of bravery we’ve ever had the privilege to tell on Pride of Britain.   Carol Vorderman

What can I say, he’s an inspiration.   Richard Hammond

Matt Croucher’s bravery shows why we should all be in awe of our Armed Forces   Jeremy Clarkson

He acted to save his comrades in the most certain knowledge that he would not himself survive   Sir Jock Stirrup, Head of the Defence Staff

I’m not surprised that any serviceman is brave, that’s what we hope we will all be when tested. But this was obviously an exceptional occasion, in an exceptional set of conditions, which marked him out as the very bravest.   Admiral Sir Jonathan Band

This is the most extraordinary example of bravery I’ve ever heard of, I was a Soldier myself and that’s where the resemblance between Matt and I finishes   Sir Michael Caine

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