Jonathan Gabay



According to motivational speaker Jonathan Gabay, nobody is buying the concept of traditional marketing anymore.

With his focus on human understanding linked with brand development, Jonathan argues that the age-old simple equation of marketing builds markets and business generates profits is out of date. In the 21st century, he says, intelligent business needs a mix of brand psychology and economics.

The motivational speaker also reckons that clinical depression has become rife throughout the world of business, leaving workers operating at considerably less than full capacity. The problem, he says, stems from “clouding of identity”, loss of esteem, unfulfilled expectations and a general “lack of purpose”.

“Decades of hype,” says Gabay, “have left employees cynical and people in general stupefied – choosing to ‘remain outwardly silent’ while feeling inwardly defiant and disillusioned. What people publicly say is often very different from what they privately feel.”

As a marketing and public relations expert and truly motivational speaker, Jonathan Gabay gives audiences ways to get around this malaise and so improve business management. Step one is to get away from the current obsession with media placement based on clicks, which he says is essentially “hooks catching red herrings”.

His talks focus on the psychology of sales, culture, the workplace, social media, leadership and outstanding customer service. He then mixes these with political marketing, classical branding, brand storytelling, creative thinking, reputations management and what he calls “business futurology”.

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