Dr Rachel Armstrong

Senior TED Fellow

Science is always a fascinating topic in the world of after dinner speaking. Dr Rachel Armstrong is a gifted scientist, creative innovator and technology speaker who has strived to make advancements that focus on the public, whilst being viable for businesses. Rachel challenges everything about life that can be questioned; she is a fantastic speaker who can be hired through Champions Motivational Speakers today.

Rachel Armstrong studied at the incredibly prestigious Cambridge University and currently designs sustainable solutions that can change the way people live. Her work is so varied, from manmade structures that grow themselves, to solutions that benefit the environment. Her mission is to redefine the world using the most cutting edge technologies she can find, such as Synthetic Biology (bioengineering). Rachel is constantly at the forefront of what is possible with the resources and technology that we have in the present day and age.

We think she makes for a fantastic after dinner speaker because her thorough, in-depth research can change your perception and opinion on sustainability. The principal focus of all of her work is to challenge issues that exist in the world.

Rachel has been nominated for a Katerva Award in Urban Design for her work as a technology speaker and the designer of the smart chemistry used for the Hylozoic Ground installation.

As well as working as an academic, Rachel is also a prolific after-dinner speaker whose presentations not only focus on her passions and interests in sustainability and the environment but also encourage others to reassess their approaches to sustainable living and technology.

To book the inspirational Dr Rachel Armstrong as the technology speaker for your science or environment event contact Champions Motivational Speakers by completing the online form or by telephone on: +44 1509 85 29 27.

  • Sustainable Living
  • Biochemistry
  • Technology & the Environment

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