Spencer Kelly


Spencer Kelly

Probably known mostly for presenting the BBC’s flagship technology programme Click as well as The Gadget Show, Spencer Kelly is one seriously intelligent motivational speaker.

Graduating from Cambridge University with a double first in computer science, Spencer is often heard on the radio sharing his knowledge of all things technical. Before becoming a TV presenter, he hosted the breakfast show on Ocean FM.

A popular choice for corporate videos and voice-overs, motivational speaker Kelly enthrals audiences with his mix of eye-opening knowledge and user-friendly presentational skills. He has a knack of making technology interesting and accessible, which is why he is ideal for speaking at corporate events and conferences.

An honorary doctor of technology at Coventry University, Spencer Kelly is also known for exposing how shortfalls and errors in the technological world can affect us all. For example, he has highlighted how easy it is for hackers to access and control personal computers and networks. He has also shown how in adequate security in social media platforms such as Facebook can render them ineffective against unauthorised access.

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