Arnon Barnes

Motivational entrepreneur with an amazing background

Arnon Barnes Booking Agent

Growing up in Johannesburg, South-Africa, when apartheid was rampant, entrepreneur speaker Arnon Barnes has a fascinating background and a charming personality that endear him to his audience every time he delivers a presentation.

A former member of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), Arnon has proved to be a motivational force for countless people around the world, including Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland and the two countries that essentially formed him – Israel and South Africa.

Because he left school at a very young age in order to bring money into the household, Arnon had to learn entrepreneurial skills and how to survive in extremely difficult environments.

After leaving the IDF, the entrepreneur speaker worked in the retail sector in Canada where he was in charge of various sales teams. Leaving Canada for London, Arnon then set up his own retail business.

When he was just 28, he was able to sell his business and following various intelligent investments he no longer had to worry about money. It was a far cry from his Johannesburg days.

This truly motivational entrepreneur speaker had learnt skills that many people have benefited from.

These include being able to inspire, being a superb communicator, being able to develop excellent partnerships, and being able to operate in just about any commercial environment with equal success.

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