Alan Chambers MBE

Adventurer in some of the world's toughest environments

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Polar adventurer and explorer speaker Alan Chambers MBE uses his experiences from some of the toughest environments in the world to enhance the lives of conference delegates and inspires audiences at private events. Much like the other great explorer’s, Alan Chambers is certainly not one to back down from a challenge.

Among the many topics and messages that Alan shares with his audience include the importance of correct team dynamics, how to deliver more with less, having a winning mindset, how to remain focused and leading from the back.

The last in this list reflects Chambers’ practice of being at the back of groups on expeditions and monitoring their progress rather than leading from the front and expecting them to follow.

The former royal marine has organised and led 18 polar projects and as an exploration speaker, he can relate to how he crossed Greenland, reached the North Pole nine times, survived on the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard and tackled Antarctica, including the South Pole.

Chambers was also the first to lead a British team across the ice to the North Pole from the edge of Canada, unsupported. The treacherous journey took seventy days.

Not restricting himself just to testing his endurance in freezing environments, Chambers has also battled against the elements in inhospitable mountain ranges and in extremely sultry situations, including jungles and the desert. This level of perseverance makes him a fantastic speaker to get anyone motivated to succeed.

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