Leanna Shuttleworth

Youngest British Female to summit Mt Everest

Leanna Shuttleworth

On 20th May 2012, a young woman became an inspiration to young and old alike. Smashing through official records, Leanna Shuttleworth became the youngest British female to summit Mount Everest. More impressively, she also set the record for the youngest British female to have completed the ‘Seven Summits’.

Leanna achieved all of this at just 20 years of age, a fact that will leave delegates in awe. She can recall stories ranging from the physical challenges of altitude sickness while climbing Everest, to the mental strength necessary to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Equally, her tales of the adventures are truly fascinating and people find themselves inspired to take on their challenges.

The lessons she learned while on these expeditions were, in her words, “life changing”. She recognised the importance of self-motivation, alongside a strong support network. Indeed, both of these are essential for any business or individual looking to progress.

Her passion for high altitude climbing started in Dubai when her maths teacher convinced her to come along to Everest Base Camp on a school trip. Slowly, she slowly became hooked along with her father and the story came to be. With a fantastic story, you can learn about how the events in her life taught her motivation, individual strength, and how to follow your dreams – even if they do seem impossible.

Leanna is especially devoted to making other young girls chase their dreams. Making her a fantastic inspirational speaker for younger audiences. For those who were wondering, the seven summits are Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Denali, Vinson and Kosciuszko, Aconcagua and Everest.

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