Luke Tyburski

Explorer and Founder of the 'The Ultimate Triathlon'

Luke Tyburski

Luke Tyburski an endurance adventurer, motivational speaker and health and wellness coach who is always leaving a stream of inspiration of what’s possible for others, for them to perform at their peak.  He is the founder of The Ultimate Triathlon.

He suffered from depression after retiring from professional football. What saved him was taking part in extreme, endurance sport.

Tyburski has always been an athlete, with a background in Exercise Science. He decided to transform to an exciting and challenging style of the sport becoming an Endurance Adventurer.

Prior to creating The Ultimate Triathlon which involves spending 12 days traveling 2000km including a cross-continental swim, cycle and run traveling from Morocco to Monaco, he set a target of four years to alter himself from an injured, retired footballer to having super-human endurance. Dreaming the challenge would be made into a documentary.

Luke set out to build a brand, despite his physical lifestyle he still has time to create a sustainable business from his experiences of adventures, he speaks, writes and trains others to achieve their exciting goals and developing their health and fitness.

Impressively he ran 255km in a week through the Sahara Desert. He lived with Nepalese runners in the mountains and he took part in the world’s highest marathon named ‘The Everest Ultra’. He survived for days in a tropical Chinese forest surviving quite literally with no food, water or money!

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“Luke came into Richmond Park Academy after I’d contacted him through the Inspiring the Future website. He knew he was coming to speak with a range of students, and we had students from Years 7-11 attend his talk. The students were really engaged especially when Luke talked through some of his life-changing experiences. What seemed to make the most impact was when Luke talked about how he used his moments of failure to reflect and find ways to improve. They were also really interested to note Luke’s passion for living life to the full and take chances, regardless of other people considering his plans impossible. I would recommend any organisation bringing him in to talk to students or adults alike. His stories of endurance and adventure are inspirational.” – Keira Pritchard, Work Related Learning Coordinator, Richmond Park Academy

“Luke presents at our course regularly and has been for 12 months now. He speaks with motivation and passion about his endurance challenges, and the room is clearly inspired as they listen and interact with him during his talks. Luke is easy to listen to, captivates his audience, and gives empowerment to those in front of him. I highly recommend Luke as a motivational, educational, and inspiring speaker.”  Matthew Snedden, Tigrent Learning UK Teacher, Legacy Education Alliance, Inc.

“Luke spoke at the National Triathlon Show and was well received by all who attended. His story of how he planned, completed and recovered from his incredible feat is gripping from start to finish. His 30min talk was well paced, clearly delivered and broken up neatly with short videos to add context and colour to his presentation. In short, a thoroughly enjoyable, humorous and inspiring account of an incredible feat of endurance.” – Liz Barrett, Deputy Editor, 220 Triathlon Magazine.



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