Mike Denison

Business Coach & Mentor


Japanese businesses have championed lean management and manufacturing for decades and motivational speaker Mike Denison is one of the most successful products of the leading car manufacturer Toyota, a company that in 1991 turned him into Britain’s first ‘lean leader’.

Now the managing director of his own business Lean Mentor International, Mike aims to give his clients “great value and knowledge transfer” and to generate significant return on investment (ROI) for them.

Mike Denison is an extremely popular motivational speaker because he explains in clear and understandable language how professionals, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs can create a culture of lean and continuous improvement in their organisations. The ultimate aim is that employees are more engaged, productivity increases and the overall performance of the company improves.

Among the organisations that Mike Denison has helped take a successful ‘lean journey’ are Bombardier Transportation, Ford Motor Company, Virgin Trains, the NHS, Jaguar Cars, Group4Securicor, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels and Daimler Trucks.

According to motivational speaker Mike, lean management thinking can help businesses to “get up to a day a week back” by getting rid of “low value, habitual activities” that simply waste what could be productive time. Mike tells his audiences how they can avoid the “11 wastes of management”.

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“Mike uses his coaching and mentoring skills to empower clients to achieve their full potential. Mike uses a wide range of tools and techniques to facilitate organisational change and personal development. Mike’s broad range of industry experience allows him to adapt his Lean toolkit to a host of new industries and scenarios.”Martin Arroyo, Executive Consultant, 2009

I would recommend Mike Denison and Lean Mentor International, if you’ve reached a plateau in manufacturing performance and need a fresh approach to take you to the next level- talk to Mike Denison about his Manufacturing Leadership Programme- it delivers results. The programme Mike has developed for us is helping us to move towards a culture involving higher levels of accountability in a non- threatening way, the biggest value is not in the theory but in the practice in the ‘field’ and the coaching support he teaches you to provide to your staff to change their habits. – Chris Goddard. Operations Manager, Springfields Fuels Limited, Westinghouse 2011

“Mike is an inspirational coach who has in addition, the level of drive required to guide the transformation of complex organisations. From both a personal and professional standpoint, Mike is someone you can completely rely on.” –  Lorne Walters, Director, 2011

In saying that, I would highly recommend you and Champions too. All your dealings in the process of this booking have been highly professional and extremely helpful to us as we have sought to make a b