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Inspirational Global Explorer

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Pen Hadow is a British polar guide and explorer, and the founding director of Geo Mission Ltd, an environmental sponsorship organisation. He was the first person to trek solo, and without resupply by third parties, from the north coast of Canada to the North Pole and is the first Briton to have trekked, without resupply by third parties, to both the Geographical North and South Poles from the respective continental coastlines of North America and Antarctica.

That alone makes Pen Hadow one of the most incredible motivational speakers you could have at your event, but there are many more interesting facts that make Pen Hadow amazing.

Pen was educated at Temple Grove School, then at Harrow, before attending University College London and graduating with a degree in Geography. After leaving education he worked at Mark McCormack’s Sports Organisation, acting as an agent representing the European equestrian interests of IMG.

It was in 2003 when he undertook his now-legendary journey from Ward Hunt Island, Canada to the Geographic North Pole in 64 days becoming the first person to complete the journey solo and without resupply by aircraft or other means. He started the trek on 17 March 2003, dragging a 265 kg sledge, and he finally arrived on 19 May.

Just a year later Pen partnered with Simon Murray for a trek to the Geographic South Pole. The 1,200 km trek started on 5 December 2003 at the entrance to Hercules Inlet on the Zumberge Coast, Antarctica and was completed on reaching the South Pole on 28 January 2004 – the expedition raised US$450,000 for the Royal Geographical Society.

Pen learnt key lessons in the hardest ways possible during his expeditions; Pen translates these messages wonderfully during presentations as an after dinner speaker. His audiences swiftly learn that his approach concerns engaging with their situation – their fears, challenges, and dreams.

Whilst this all sounds very impressive, did you know that Pen Hadow suffered from PVFS? Until he broke free from the shackles of illness during his solo trek to the North poll, so he can definitely talk about overcoming adversity.

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When he’s at corporate events, Pen is known to cover the following topics:

  • Leadership Speaker
  • Motivation – Finding it & Keeping it
  • Pioneering Mindset & Breakthroughs
  • Team Performance & Improvement
  • Resilience
  • Goal Setting & Setbacks
  • Risk vs. Rewards
  • Global Environmental Change & Corporate Sustainability
  • Peak Performance
  • Overcoming adversity

“Pen Hadow’s experience was genuinely inspirational and motivating. Having launched Marks and Spencer’s Plan A initiative on the need to tackle the enormous challenge of climate change, it was fantastic to hear from someone who has experienced global warming issues with their own eyes.” – Stuart Rose, CEO, Marks and Spencer

“Pen was amazing, just amazing, Richard was extremely impressed with his presentation and Pen himself. I thought he was utterly charming and a real gentleman, he was an outstanding speaker and we have received many compliments on his presentation. It was a real pleasure to meet him. Thank you both so much.” – Tracey Fletcher, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co

In saying that, I would highly recommend you and Champions too. All your dealings in the process of this booking have been highly professional and extremely helpful to us as we have sought to make a b