Tim Bradshaw



Tim Bradshaw is a former British Army officer and member of the Sandstone Partnership, a collection of ex-soldiers with business experience who use their combined expertise to develop presentations as leadership speakers.

A dynamic presenter with a wide breadth of experience, Tim has achieved success both within a military and commercial forum.

As a leadership speaker, Tim is impressive; his combat experience has provided him with a deep understanding of crisis management.

He has first-hand experience of high-pressure decision making and team management from tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, which he has successfully converted into a program for the corporate world.

Using skills gained as a sales and management trainer for companies such as Pro-Drivers, RTS Consultants, HAVAS People and GBB Coaching, Tim has a sound understanding of commercial training and events management.

This has then been enhanced by the experience of leading men in a number of war zones on complex, hazardous and politically sensitive operations.

Tim is able to deliver thought-provoking and motivational talks and presentations whilst ensuring that the subject is always anchored to the corporate message required by the client and kept relevant and entertaining to the audience.

This year, Tim worked alongside a number of City leadership specialists including Be Strategic and The Tempest Group and was a member of the British Army Everest Team.

Upcoming projects include teaming up with Neil Laughton to make an attempt on the round-the-world helicopter speed record, continuing his association with Combat Stress and helping to promote Wings for Warriors.

To book Tim as a leadership speaker for your business event contact Champions Motivational Speakers by completing the online form or by telephone on: +44 1509 85 29 27.

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