Richard Noble

Former Land Speed Record Holder

Richard Noble

You can learn a few things from speed; in those moments when the world is blurring past at 200mph everything matters, from the smallest incremental change to the next corner. Motivational speakers who have set land speed records, raced F1 cars or driven on the Le Mans circuit make for exciting speakers because they have trained their minds to become focused under incredible pressure.

Audiences are moved with the tales of drivers competing for nothing less than the best, even motorsports legends like Niki Lauda can teach audiences about friendship, even when you are competing on the track. Other motivational motorsports speaker will talk about how they cope with crashes, and knowing that today could be their last day.

This speaker is someone who hasn’t been 200mph, nor did they crash and return to the circuit to become victorious. In fact this speaker is one of the rare few has been faster than 264mph (which is the speed roughly of the fastest car). Senna Richard Noble OBE is a British entrepreneur who held the world land speed record between 1983 and 1997.

A fascinating motivational speaker, Richard is among an elite club of people to have travelled at over 600mph on land, feeling the world slip away nearly verging towards supersonic speeds, this gives guests a wonderful insight into the sharp end of land speed record attempts.

Richard was born in Edinburgh and educated at Winchester College, where he became a qualified pilot. In 1984, he exploited a production hiatus at Cessna aircraft to create a new all-British light aircraft, the ARV Super2. The Super2 was fitted with a new British engine, the Hewland AE75.

Thrust2, the record-breaking car driven by Richard, travelled at 633.468 mph on 4th October 1983, an accomplishment that won him the Segrave Trophy. Richard was also the project director of ThrustSSC, the vehicle which holds the current land speed record, set at Black Rock Desert, Nevada in 1997.

The latter, driven by Andy Green, broke the record – as well as the speed of sound – at 763.035mph, a feat which wouldn’t have been possible were it not for the knowledge and expertise of Richard.

He is now planning another land speed record attempt to take place in 2016 – Bloodhound SSC aims to pass the 1,000 mph mark. During talks as a motivational speaker, Richard describes to guests how teamwork and leadership were crucial to the success of his record attempts, even though they had just 12% of the budget of their rivals.

With each presentation written specifically to his client, Richard can adapt his content for ultimate relevance and suitability to his audience, making him a highly desirable speaker.

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