Motivational Speakers In Sales


Any company that provides goods or services for a price needs to make sure its sales strategy is of the highest quality.

There are many things that must be considered in the world of sales, however. Staff morale needs to be high, which is easier said than done, particularly in hard sales; the techniques and pitch must also be detailed enough to cover every angle but straightforward enough to learn and adopt without difficulty.

At Champions Motivational Speakers we are delighted to have a number of high quality sales speakers on our books. From purely motivational coaches who boost enthusiasm and energy while delivering relevant, practical content to sales strategy speakers who impart wisdom and insights for equipping the audience with new skills and information, we have someone for everyone.

Bernie De Souza

Business guru Bernie De Souza strives to give people a higher level of personal achievement and satisfaction in the way they work and run their lives, which has led to tangible results time and time again.

Reared on efficiency and discipline, Bernie has been involved with numerous elite sports teams like the West Indies and Pakistan cricket teams, as well as Olympic athletes such as Daley Thompson and Linford Christie.

In highly entertaining and engaging talks as a keynote speaker, Bernie motivates people to use his skills to boost business and get results in life and seeks to give people ‘real life ninja skills’ to combat everyday scenarios and come out on top.

Bernie, an expert in both sport and business, knows how to reshape the way people think, bestowing them with confidence and helping them achieve their sales targets.

Levi Roots

Born in Jamaica but residing in the UK, Levi Roots began his career as a MOBO-nominated musician, but soon turned his hand to cooking. As part of this new gastronomical venture, he had to get savvy with the sales side of things.

Levi did not disappoint as he took on his grandmother’s recipe for jerk barbeque sauce and sold four thousand bottles during the 2006 Notting Hill Festival, displaying business knowledge and acumen that kept him ahead of the competition in the extremely busy carnival environment.

He then hit the big time when he took his “Reggae Reggae Sauce” to Dragons’ Den, where his secret blend of sales and music was a hit with the businesspeople on the other side of the desks.

Since that day, Levi has built a business empire worth £40 million and extended his product range to frozen ready meals, soft drinks and cookery books.

Richard Reed

The co-founder of Innocent Drinks, Richard Reed has always had an innate understanding of sales and marketing, running initiatives and proto-businesses from the age of eight.

Alongside two friends from university, he set up a stall at a festival and, showing great marketing acumen, asked customers to put their empty bottles in either a bin labelled “Yes” or one labelled “No” depending on whether they thought the trio should quit their jobs to make smoothies full-time. The response was an overwhelming “Yes”.

Formed in 1999, Innocent has gone from employing three members of staff to 350, with a turnover of more than £200m a year and its products sold in 15 countries.

A remarkable success story, Richard can help your business grow via innovative sales and marketing techniques.

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