How to stay motivated at the gym

With summer underway and (hopefully) sunshine soon to be upon us, it is a time for relaxation and holidaying. It is understandable why people neglect their fitness programme over the summer months with people wanting to make the most of the good weather by spending time outdoors and having BBQs but it is till important to remain focused if you want to achieve your goals.

There are a range of ways to stay motivated and keep your fitness levels up during this time.

Man in the gym

Bring a friend

Taking a friend to the gym with you means that you can take part in partner workouts keeping your session fresh and different. Also, this way it means that you won’t be the only one stuck inside while everyone else is enjoying the weather.

Adding a friend to your gym session can also add a slight competitive edge to your workouts and you can challenge each other to things such as the plank challenge. This way you will still be maintaining your fitness but in a fun a different way to if you were just hitting the gym on your own.

Two friends working out at the gym

Keep it exciting

There is nothing worse than being bored when you are trying to keep fit and so instead of getting bogged down with the same tedious exercises over and over, why not introduce some different ones to your session?

This way you will have something different to focus on rather than simply going through the motions of your same old routine. This will stop it becoming tedious and the time will fly by. Your fitness programme will benefit from something different to as you can give areas of your body that you might usually neglect more of a workout. Ask at your local gym for some inspiration on what exercises you can try.

Headphones, phone and trainers

Grab your headphones

If you want to make sure you remain in the zone then grab your headphones and listen to your favourite songs. This will be particularly beneficial on machines such as the treadmill to keep you blank out the rest of the world and keep going. You can even make your own workout playlist to make sure your motivation doesn’t waver.

Overall, maintaining positive and realising that you will reap the rewards of sticking to your guns is crucial to keep your motivation. Here at Champions Motivational Speakers we have a comprehensive roster of some of the best speakers around whose amazing life experiences can offer a boost to any event. For booking information call us on +44 1509 85 29 27 or complete our online form.

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