The Top 10 AI Speakers To Have At Your Event

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most fascinating technologies that has emerged in recent decades. Consequently, audiences the world over have been eager to catch an inside look into the field. For this reason, speakers in this field are becoming an increasingly popular entertainment choice for many different events, helping audiences to gain unique insight into the technology’s various challenges and implications. Here’s our rundown of the top 10 AI speakers to have at your event.

1. Ambarish Mitra


As the co-founder of visual search company Blippar, renowned entrepreneur Ambarish Mitra has helped to pioneer the technologies of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Through leveraging these technologies in creating ‘computer vision’, the Blippar app is noted for its ability to transform everyday products into an interactive consumer experience.

Ambarish’s extensive expertise has seen him enjoy widespread recognition. Having been named UK Entrepreneur of the Year and a Young Global Leader by Ernst & Young and the World Economic Forum (WEF) respectively, Ambarish has become a thought leader in his field. This same status has afforded him a promising career as a leading name among business speakers.

2. Andreas Dengel


Having excelled in his role as the Scientific Director of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Andreas Dengel is one of the field’s most notable academics. His undisputed understanding of AI has already seen him fulfill numerous teaching positions all over the world, having taught at institutions such as Osaka Prefecture University and the University of Kaiserslautern.

Passionate about sharing his knowledge of artificial intelligence, computer science, digital disruption and cybersecurity, Andreas is regularly called upon to speak at corporate events and many other occasions. Helping his audience to make sense of the various opportunities provided by AI, Andreas is a talented keynote speaker.

3. Jack Uldrich


As a renowned AI expert and futurist, Jack Uldrich has left his mark among the nation’s most inspirational speakers. An author whose number of written books runs into the double digits, Jack’s insight into his chosen subject has seen him appear for the likes of The Science Channel and the Discovery Channel.

Having developed a comprehensive understanding of the many ways in which AI will shape our future lives, Jack’s keynote speeches are informative and engaging in equal measure. Through helping to make complicated technologies accessible to an ever-expanding audience, Jack is undoubtedly deserving of a place on our list.

4. Felix Hovsepian


A celebrated academic with an extensive background in artificial intelligence, Felix Hovsepian is a leading specialist in his field. Boasting numerous academic accomplishments in the fields of systems engineering, mathematics and computer science, audiences would be hard-pressed to find a more competent and engaging AI speaker.

Over the course of his career, Felix has balanced his academic pursuits with his many engagements as an after dinner speaker. An exciting choice as event entertainment, Felix helps inquisitive minds to navigate the many aspects of modern technology.

5. Ray Kurzweil


A man of many talents, Ray Kurzweil has written numerous notable works on artificial intelligence, futurism and transhumanism. As a testament to his accomplishments, Ray has received more than twenty honorary doctorates, as well as receiving honours from three United States presidents.

Having been at the forefront of numerous innovations – including the first omni-font optical character recognition device – Ray has achieved significant acclaim globally. As a result, his career as a top keynote speaker continues to soar to new heights.

6. Jerry Kaplan


Innovator and AI expert Jerry Kaplan has received an array of distinguished awards throughout his career. From his Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award to his honorary doctorate from the California International Business University, Jerry is one of the field’s most prominent thinkers.

Eager to explore the wealth of opportunity offered by AI, Jerry’s book Artificial Intelligence: What Everyone Needs to Know has helped countless readers make sense of the technology’s impact on their daily lives. Transferring this knowledge to his keynote speeches, it’s no surprise Jerry has taken his place among the most revered after dinner speakers.

7. Calum Chace


Best-selling author Calum Chace has focused much of his literary output on the practical implications of AI. Aside from authoring books such as Surviving AI and The Economic Singularity, Calum has enjoyed a varied career as a speaker, writer and strategy consultant. Armed with a degree in Philosophy obtained at Oxford University, Calum’s unique approach to modern technology has cemented his legacy in the field.

8. Zoltan Istvan


Widely known for his work at the forefront of transhumanism, Zoltan Istvan has shared his expertise with the likes of the Global Leaders Forum and Microsoft. Exploring the impact of AI in books such as The Transhumanist Wager, Zoltan has established himself as a leading authority on the subject.

Having worked as a journalist for the likes of National Geographic and The New York Times, Zoltan is able to communicate his passion for the subject unlike any other. Captivating a diverse range of audiences with his intriguing keynote speeches, Zoltan’s work as a keynote speaker has taken him all over the world.

9. Misha Glenny


Effortlessly navigating the complex fields of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, Misha Glenny is one of the most versatile speakers in his field. Having earned degrees from the University of Bristol and Charles University, Misha soon found success as a correspondent for the likes of the BBC.

Laying a particular focus on the crossroads between digital technology, cybersecurity and crime, Misha’s literary output includes books such as DarkMarket and McMafia. Delivering his own unique take on technological advancement, his speeches have continued to captivate technology enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

10. Nick Bostrom


Swedish-born philosopher, AI expert and distinguished academic Nick Bostrom is the ideal speaker to round off our list. His focus on the existential challenges posed by AI have seen him paint a fascinating picture of modern technology. The author of more than 200 publications, Nick is a prolific writer and academic whose keynote speeches continue to fascinate audiences across the globe.

A holder of multiple degrees in the areas of artificial intelligence, logic, mathematics, philosophy and computational neuroscience, Nick approaches his subject from many different angles. Helping him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the discipline, Nick’s academic accomplishments have helped to strengthen his reputation as one of the sharpest minds in his field.

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