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Alan Johnson is a former Labour Party Cabinet member and current Member of Parliament for Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle.

Alan’s speeches can be incredibly moving due to a saddening past. Alan was born in London in 1950, and due to the loss of his mother when he was at the young age of 12 he was orphaned and brought up by his 16-year-old sister. He attended Sloan Grammar School in Chelsea until the age of 15.

After his school days, Alan left to work at Tesco before becoming a postman three years later and later joining the Union of Communication Workers.

This is most likely when his passion for politics was kindled, and when the story of this labour politician began.

Alan soared through the ranks of the UCW, becoming the youngest General Secretary in the history of the union when he was elected to the post in 1992.

He was duly elected Labour MP for Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle on 1st May 1997 and achieved his first ministerial post at the Department for Trade and Industry two years later.

A fruitful political career followed as he served in Tony Blair’s Cabinet for 11 years, as Education Secretary, Health Secretary and Home Secretary.

Even after Labour was defeated in the 2010 election, Alan was still deemed a key component of the party as he was appointed Shadow Chancellor by new leader Ed Miliband, a role he carried out until his resignation from the Shadow Cabinet for personal reasons in 2011.

Politics is a great teacher when it comes to shaping the way people see the world, because of this vast experience there are very few like Alan who are able to talk about complex topics like politics. His story is fascinating, and his rise to becoming one of the most influential politicians in Britain is simply incredible.

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