Cecil Parkinson

Baron and Conservative Politician

Cecil Parkinson

Cecil Parkinson is a British Conservative politician and former Cabinet minister who is available to book as a political speaker through Champions Motivational Speakers.

A Chartered Accountant by training, he entered Parliament in 1970 as an MP for Enfield West, and was appointed a minister in Margaret Thatcher’s first government in 1979.

He successfully managed the Conservative Party’s 1983 election campaign and was duly rewarded with a number of ministerial appointments, including Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Energy and Transport.

Cecil resigned as a politician in 1990, on the same day that Margaret Thatcher stood down from her own role. His political work and contributions were consistently well regarded by his supporters and in 1992 he was made a Baron in recognition of his services.

Since his resignation Cecil Parkinson has been working as a politics speaker on the British after-dinner speaker circuit. In this capacity, he discusses the various duties and responsibilities of acting as a Secretary of State under the Iron Lady, the various socio-political campaigns of the time and overcoming scandals and adversity in the public eye.

Outside his work as a speaker, Cecil is an active contributor to charity and is one of three chairmen of the Action on Addiction charity who work to help rehabilitate those affected by drug and alcohol addictions.

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