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Ḗric Woerth is a veteran French politician and politics speaker who is available for hire through Champions.

With more than a decade’s experience in French central government, Ḗric spent several years as the Minister of Budget, Public Accounts and the Civil Service and, more briefly, as Secretary of State in Nicholas Sarkozy’s government.

Beginning his politics career as the Mayor of Chantilly in 1995, the Creil-born liberal politician has subsidized his career by working as a politics speaker in more recent years.

Ḗric’s passionate and deeply ingrained political views make for fascinating appearances as a guest or after dinner speaker. He draws on his personal and professional experiences to highlight the current trends in and potential impact of French and European politics and political movements.

Despite his dedication to his work as a politics speaker, Ḗric continues to be an active politician; he has remained a high profile public figure since leaving government in 2010 and continues to command respect.

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