John Sergeant

Freelance Broadcaster and Journalist

John Sergeant


John Sergeant is a British broadcast journalist and media personality best known for his quirkiness, his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing and his many journalistic scoops over the years.

An alumnus of Magdalen College, Oxford, his funny side was out for all to see as he performed in student comedy revues. After graduation he starred with Alan Bennett in a series of sketch shows on the BBC entitled On the Margin and wrote comedy scripts.

Despite his comic talent, John opted to make journalism his career, training at Darlington College while reporting for the Liverpool Echo. He joined the BBC in 1970 as a radio reporter, working in over 25 countries as a war correspondent and acting correspondent. For two years he also oversaw the first sessions of directly elected European Parliament.

John then made the transition to television in 1981, becoming a political correspondent and enabling him to report domestic and international politics on a daily basis. Career highlights include scoops on Margaret Thatcher and then Welsh Secretary Ron Davies.

His talent for the job saw him become the BBC’s Chief Political Correspondent in 1992, holding the role until 2000, before doing time as the Political Editor of ITN from 2000 until 2002.

John enjoys a very healthy television, radio and writing career, regularly appearing on Have I Got News for You and Room 101. He also memorably starred on Strictly Come Dancing, waltzing his way to the later stages of the competition, and appears on multiple Radio 4 programmes, including the News Quiz and A Good Read.

His witty and entertaining delivery of after dinner and keynote speeches make him a wonderful political personality. Filled with anecdotes, his fascinating stories of dealing with national leaders and influential figures captivate audiences whilst his personality and passion for politics, the arts and comedy shines through.

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