Paul Burrel RVM



Paul Burrell is a former servant of the British Royal Household, footman for Queen Elizabeth II and butler to Diana, Princess of Wales.

He was born into a working‐class family and lived in a small terraced house in the village of Grassmoor, a coal‐mining community in the north of England. He recalls his first visit to London with his family at the age of eight, watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and turning to his parents saying, “One day I’m going to work here.”

Paul entered Royal Service at age 18, as a Buckingham Palace footman, and over the course of 21 years, rose from member of the Royal household staff to personal attendant to the Queen of England and then butler to the Prince and Princess of Wales. Ultimately, he became the trusted personal assistant and confidante to the late Diana.

Paul worked in some of the most elegant and beautiful palaces and homes in England and has travelled across the world. His multiple years of service with the British Royal Family gave him vast experience of the etiquette and lifestyles of monarchs and political elite in virtually every corner of the world.

Paul’s exposure to fine homes, art collections and his lifestyle that ensued has provided him with all manner of expertise alongside his ability to provide great after dinner and keynote speeches. Paul has become a taste arbiter, an expert in wine, food, furnishings, flower arranging, etiquette and entertaining.

His varied, extensive and illustrious career serving the royal family was recognised by the Royal Family in 1997, with the Queen awarding Paul with the Royal Victorian Medal, and this experience makes his insights during his keynote and after dinner speeches invaluable, guaranteeing a captivated audience.

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