Amir Khan

British Boxing Legend and Former World Champion

Amir Khan Booking Agent

Boxing legend Amir Khan is one of the most talented sportsmen of his generation, and one of Britain’s highest-profile boxers.

At just 17, Amir’s boxing career was propelled to new heights after winning his first Silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

With an inspiring professional fight record to his name, Amir became World Light Welterweight Champion in 2009 after his life-changing fight against Andreas Kotelnik.

Amir’s instant rise to fame launched him into the limelight and consequently secured lucrative sponsorship contracts with Reebok and Harrods.

With an unblemished record during his professional career, Amir boasts an impressive 7 out of 7 wins.

Recognised as a high rider in the boxing world, Amir has received a rapturous response in Britain, the states and beyond, as a boxing phenomenon.

Despite his staggering success, however, Amir remains an extremely humble, focused and driven individual. The sporting star is, without doubt, one of the brightest young sports stars to emerge from the UK.

Aside from his sporting success, Amir is also renowned for his admirable charity work. Having helped raise £1 million for victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Amir also flew to the refugee camps in Pakistan during the aftermath of the Kashmir Earthquake.

In addition to being one of Britain’s finest sportsmen, Amir also makes a fine boxing speaker or after dinner speaker. With an extremely charismatic personality, Amir oozes star quality during his cheeky chappy delivery sure to appeal to any audience whatever the event.

Amir’s experience as a highly successful boxer translates perfectly into his engaging and accomplished sports speaker, boxing speaker and event hosting skills.

His inspirational and motivational delivery is extremely versatile to suit any clients brief, with a focus on determination, dedication and success, Amir’s boxing speaker, after dinner speaker and hosting approach provides the aspiration goals of any firm, conference or event to motivate your guests.

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At corporate events Amir Khan is known to speak on the following topics:

  • Boxing
  • Becoming a Champion
  • Achieving Success

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