Brian Sims

Motorsport Entrepreneur


Brian Sims is a remarkable professional and Motorsport speaker. With a career beginning as a salesman to eventually making it as a hugely influential figure in the cut throat world of Formula 1. A wonderful after dinner speaker, Brian’s experience in business allows him to breach a number of topics and make his talks tailored to each and every client.

Accrediting much of his success in later life to his sales training he received as a Xerox salesman, Brian went on to become for the international ITT corporation. A Motorsport enthusiast, Brian managed was able to turn his passion into a career after negotiating a sizeable sponsorship deal with SodaStream. First racing in Formula Ford, Sims raced alongside future stars including Nigel Mansell and Derek Warwick. An ideal after dinner speaker, Brian

Switching to touring cars after dingle seaters, Brian soon became a works driver for Mercedes in South Africa and won a major championship with the team. Brian retired as a racing driver and set up South Africa’s first ever professional racing driver school.

Brian’s reputation soon landed him a job as Marketing Director of a new F1 team in 1991. Due to his work and extensive knowledge of securing sponsorship, Brian became the head of Motorsport for a large global sports marketing agency, known for representing the successful Benetton F1 team.

Sims’ work here brought some notable companies to provide multi-million sponsorship deals for the Benetton team including Marconi, Gillette and FedEx. Brian’s deals for the team meant that he quickly became Commercial Director for the Benetton F1 Team. Relating both business and sport, Brian is one of the most sought after sports speakers on the after dinner speaker circuit.

Brian has experienced an illustrious career in Motorsport, becoming an honorary life member of the Motorsport Industry Association, overlooking the $6 Billion British Motorsport Industry.

A perfect Motorsport speaker for both sport and business environments, Brian has a number of anecdotal tales to recall during talks and is sure to engage and interact with audience members to make them fell part of his life in the fast lane.

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