Graham Poll

"Controversial, opinionated and outspoken referee"


Who would be a referee? Graham Poll would for one and the stories this motivational speaker shares with audiences at conferences prove that his career has been packed with events that never fail to fascinate.

The man in black – or in a whole variety of colours these days – gets the chance to meet some of the most colourful footballing characters the game has ever seen. He also gets to cross swords with some pretty outspoken managers and regularly has to face the wrath of fans who disagree with his decisions. Lastly, referees often have their work put under a microscope by TV pundits who make decisions after seeing a tackle or handball replayed over and over while the referee has to make his decision in a split second.

Graham Poll is thought by many to be the best English referee of the last quarter of a century. Over his career, the motivational speaker has been in charge of 1,544 matches, including the 2005 UEFA Cup Final and some matches at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Described as controversial, opinionated and “the most outspoken referee in the modern game”, Poll has authored the book Seeing Red which reveals what life is like for a referee before, during and after a football match. This includes what happens in the tunnel before the teams go on to the pitch, what is really said to managers and players, and what goes on in the officials’ dressing room. The book also covers the World Cup incident that ended Graham’s refereeing career – when he booked a Croatian player three times before sending him off.

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