Jessica Ennis-Hill CBE

The Nation's Sweetheart and London 2012 Heptathlon Gold Medallist

Jessica Ennis-Hill CBE

Widely regarded as the face of the London 2012 Games, Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis-Hill CBE is one of the most instantly recognisable athletic and sporting figures within the country. An eloquent Olympic Speaker and after dinner speaker who came back from the brink with a career threatening injury and shouldered the expectations of a nation to secure home Olympic gold, Jessica Ennis-Hill is an excellent addition to all events and occasions.

The former World Champion has become a household name thanks to her prowess within her sport, but also a role model for the way she has promoted athletics and a healthy lifestyle to young girls. A figure and persona which has become as popular with the public as her gold wining pedigree, she is an exceptional after dinner speaker addressing all sorts of popular issues which can arise within performance sport such as peak performance, determination and motivation. Specialising as an Olympic speaker, her life experiences throughout her career have set her in exceptional stead to fulfil all speaker duties and her relatable and positive personality help her shine during her appearances.

Articulate in her role as an Olympic Speaker and after dinner speaker, Jessica Ennis-Hill applies as much preparation and dedication into her role as a keynote and sports speaker as she would into her training and competition. An inspirational role model to the public and the nation’s sweetheart, she is undoubtedly going to progress her career onwards and become one of the most decorated athletes in British history.

Incredibly talented yet phenomenally humble, Jessica Ennis-Hill is one of the most desirable sports speakers available currently today.

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