Phil Tufnell



When it comes to English cricket players, Phil Tufnell is known throughout the sport as one of the finest players. Well known for being on the popular TV show ‘A Question Of Sport’, Phil Tufnell is a one of a kind cricket player who has excelled in the media since ending his cricket career. Throughout his long and prestigious cricket career, he was well known for being fantastic at bowling.

Phil Tufnell had a long career playing for Middlesex, when in 2003 he sadly announced his retirement from the sport. Phil was one of the greatest wicket takers in cricket, taking over 1000 wickets over 16 years. Known as an unpredictable and creative bowler, Phil was able to think outside the box, and that is what made him a fantastic cricket bowler. Since the days of cricket he has moved past the sport and into a new career; transforming himself into a TV personality. Recently Phil was crowned the king of the jungle in I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here.

Being a TV personality is one thing, but did you know that Phil also took the time to write several books? He wrote an autobiography called “What now?”, which detailed the life of a Cricket player, and how Phil’s life was shaped by the game. Later on he produced the humorous Bible of Cricket called the ‘A To Z of Cricket’, created with Adam Hatharway.

During his career, Phil Tufnell managed to end up in the top 40 players in English cricket for most wickets, with an average scoring of 37.68. While it has come to an end, he is a fantastic TV personality, Radio personality, and most importantly a phenomenal motivational speaker.

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