Steve Daking


Steve Daking

Steve Daking is a professional pool and snooker exhibition player who is available as a speaker through Champions.

Long established as one of the UK’s top pool exhibitionists, he first joined the ranks of professional pool players in 1993, and three years later he set out on the road to become a full time professional.

Since that time, Steve has taken his trick-shot show to a variety of venues all over Europe, including the Houses of Parliament. He has also made several television appearances including on Guinness World Records and Pub Ammo in which he demonstrated ‘the most difficult shot in pool’.

In addition he has worked as a consultant for many television programmes and adverts, training actors and providing his services as a ‘stuntman with a cue’. Credits include commercials for “Gordon’s Gin”, “FCUK” and “Eastenders”.

In 2003 Steve won the Professional 8 Ball Trickshot Championships televised on Sky TV, a title which he still holds today, while three years later he took a one-man show entitled “The Pool Guy” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Following a successful run, the show was picked up by an Australian producer who took the show to Sydney in 2007 where Steve won the ‘Top Show’ award in the Big Laugh Comedy Festival.

In 2008, Steve was appointed head of coaching at the ‘8 Ball Academy’, writing and delivering the first official coaching courses in the sport. 2009 was spent on corporate work, and the development of ’’ and ‘’.

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