Steve Parrish

Motorsport Commentator and Former Motorcycle Racer

Steve Parrish

Does it get any more motivational than hearing tales of a former motorcyclist exceeding speeds of a hundred miles an hour with nothing but a helmet to keep you safe, to put everything on the line to win, Steve Parrish is a legend in the motorsports world, known for racing superbikes and high powered race trucks.

At the young age of 22, he began his professional career, winning the ACU solo title racing in the British Motor Cycle Championship – a perfect example of peak performance, giving everything to win a title in one of the most dangerous sports in the world. In the same year, Steve competed in the 1977 500cc world championship, in which he finished fifth with teammate Barry Sheene.

Going back to his British roots, he returned to riding in Britain winning the 1978 500cc British Champion. He also won the Shell 500 title in 1979 and 1980, and a Superbike title in 1981. However, Steve retired from the world of motorcycle racing in 1986, but he didn’t abandon his need for speed and passion for motorsports. Moving into truck racing, he won the 1987 British Open Truck Racing Championship.

Going on to win the European and British Truck Racing Championship titles in 1990 he went on to hold a British Title for several years while driving with Mercedes. Undoubtedly the most successful truck racer of all time, Steve retired in 2002, however, he didn’t leave the motorsport world altogether.

In 1985, the next part of his journey began, not behind the wheel of a fast truck or getting his knee down at ninety miles an hour. Instead, he started commentating for BBC radio, later on becoming a sensation commentating on various motorsport events and even worked on the Red Bull Air Race series event.

While his racing days are over he still regularly tests vehicles and writes for racing magazines. He is an expert in motor racing incidents helping establish the facts for those involved, he also holds the Guinness Book of Records world record for the “Fastest Speed Achieved in Reverse”.

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