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Our Europe speakers can shine a light on complicated matters within Europe. From political insiders to economic experts, they have the first-hand experience and extensive socio-political knowledge to give in-depth, unbiased predictions for the future of Europe.

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Located in the Northern Hemisphere, covering 2% of the Earth’s surface and divided into 50 sovereign states, Europe is home to over 700 million people. Credited as the birthplace of Western civilisation thanks to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the continent has seen countless economical, political and cultural shifts since 476 AD. In 1949, the Council of Europe was established, with further integration achieved through the formation of the European Union. The Council of Europe and the European Union had one goal - to unite Europe.

Since WW2, European integration has been one of the key goals for Europe. After the Treaty Of Rome established the European Economic Community in 195, the continent quickly became a symbol of unity. A decade later in 1967, the EEC, European Coal and Steel Community and Euratom formed the European Community, which then became the European Union in 1993. Since then, political frustration sparked tensions between the UK and EU, when a non-binding referendum was held in 2016.

The European Union is a complicated topic to discuss, but our speakers have the political knowledge and eloquent presenting style to share their expertise at your event. Wrought with internal tensions, by booking a speaker through us you will be ensuring an unbiased account of the EU’s future.

With the motto “United in Diversity”, the EU is a political and economic union of nearly 30 countries in Europe. Led by an internal single market and a standardised system of laws, each member of the EU acts as a unit against crime and injustice. By ensuring free movement, the EU allows for people to travel easily for work or holiday within the majority of Europe, monitored by a set of policies. Free movement also means that trade can be exchanged freely across Europe, securing the economy of food produce and retail.

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