Motivational Conference Speakers

By hiring a motivational conference speaker, your audience remain engaged throughout the duration of your event. Hailing from the world's of sport, business, finance and more, our motivational conference speakers are second to none at providing corporate entertainment when at conferences.

Engaging Conference Speakers For Events

Are you looking to improve the performance and productivity of your team and provide them with the motivation they need to make waves in the workplace? Our leading motivational conference speakers can inspire them to go further in pursuit of their goals.

Conferences can go one of two ways. They can flash by or stagger; you know the ones; tired faces making speeches on subjects they spent the last 48 hours, researching without sleep. Even if someone is a leader in their field, it does not automatically make them a speaker who turns heads.

The success of a great motivational conference speaker is down to the way they engage an audience. They must be able to mix humour and anecdotes into their speeches, while always maintaining an air of authority over the topics they are discussing. An elite speaker commands a room with an infectious energy.

The Motivational Speakers Agency offer a host of talent capable of inspiring your team. With market leaders in finance, teamwork, sales, marketing, technology and innovation – our leading names can combine topics to provide insightful and enticing seminars for your team.

From great business- and economic authorities such as successful entrepreneur and innovator turned motivational keynote speaker Christopher Holloman, to intriguing authorities on niche areas like Dr James Alvarez, a Hostage Negotiation Expert. Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut in space is another leading speaker. We help connect you with people who will make an impact at your event.

Find a leading explorer, military hero or sports star to offer insight on something completely different during your conferences. The likes of Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry VC can provide an insight into the mental and physical perseverance needed to function on the front line in war-torn countries. Furthermore, he can provide insight on how to motivate yourself and your team each day, especially when it is all going against you.

Another top-level speaker, Martine Wright is a 7/7 survivor. Having sat just 3 feet away from the Circle Line bomber, she was one of the worst injured among the survivors. Having been rescued from the wreckage, she spent the following years learning to walk with prosthetics and amazingly, five years later, she was part of the London 2012 Paralympic volleyball team. An incredible inspiration, Martine’s speeches will offer something fresh and inspirational to your conferences.

Working with a host of famous inspirational business speakers and leadership speakers in business, from Lord Sebastian Coe to Levi Roots, The Motivational Speakers Agency is an award-winning agency with two fingers on the pulse of corporate events.

Book famous business speakers and motivational business speakers to front your corporate events, gala dinners, award ceremonies or conferences. Get in touch with The Motivational Speakers Agency  by filling in our online contact form. Alternatively, call a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.