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After Dinner Speakers

The after-dinner circuit is a broad realm. Where entertainment is a common feature, so too is inspiration, emotion and information. Often classy affairs, after dinner engagements lend an air of sophistication to an evening. No matter the theme or style of the event in question, there are a number of exciting additions you can make.


What Is An After-Dinner Speaker?


An event host can be chosen to spearhead the evening, seamlessly taking audiences between courses, entertainment and awards announcements. An after-dinner comedian can be the ideal person to keep audiences engaged and upbeat. After dinner speakers offer a similar ability. Whether they are renowned for using humour or nail-biting stories, insight or emotion - they can ensure your after-dinner event goes to plan.

Why Do I Need An After-Dinner Speaker?


After-dinner speakers are the glue that holds an event together. From a fundraiser to a gala dinner, they provide the interim entertainment and structure the evening by bringing each component back to a familiar face.  Give your event a touch of class by booking a speaker. Capable of leading the topic of conversation at a corporate networking event, or turning an ordinary honours evening into a night to remember, they have the charisma, experience and knowledge to take the stage by storm. 


What Makes A Good After Dinner Speaker?


A good speaker will make it look easy, a great speaker will make it look enjoyable. Speakers at the top of their game have a palpable passion for their topic, as they recount anecdotes and share their expertise, the enthusiasm they have is clear to see. 


Confidence is key when public speaking. To stand in front of an audience of people, eager to hear from the viewpoint of an industry expert, requires a sense of self-belief unique to the job. A personable, likeable and relatable speaker will command the room. Audiences want to be enthralled by the stories they have to tell, so confidence is an imperative trait. 


No one wants to listen to an empty speech, as such, some of the best speakers use their personal stories to bring their presentations to life. After-dinner speakers will guide an evening of entertainment, using their funny, shocking or interesting anecdotes to keep the audience hooked on every word they say.

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