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In addition to working with some of the world's finest speakers in and regarding the region of China, we aim to provide news, interviews and updates on all matters relating to the Chinese economy, trade, politicals and more.

The fourth-biggest country, the highest population and the fastest-growing in the world - China is a developing nation with seemingly unlimited potential. Constantly improving in terms of infrastructure and economic development, China is building on a GDP that has surpassed $14 trillion. 


Politically, economically, culturally and financially fascinating, Chinese experts offer an in-depth insight into current affairs and international relations.


What Will A China Speaker Talk About?


From economy to historical culture, our China speakers can cover a range of topics surrounding one subject - the country of China. Vast, complex and at the forefront of emerging technologies, our speakers can confidently discuss the different fields of study and industry updates pioneered by Chinese experts. With its gold mine of customer opportunities, more businesses than ever are turning to China speakers to gain an insight into the unique consumer habits and business opportunities that China has to offer. 


China has a powerful hand in global politics and international trade, making it a highly sought after topic of discussion at conferences and panels worldwide. Achieving a trade partnership with China is an objective for some of the biggest companies in the market, due to its affordable production industry and ability to mass-produce products, however, breaking into one of the most powerful countries in the world is easier said than done. Our China speakers can recall their personal trade and investment stories with some of China’s most powerful, giving your business the best chance of global success.    


China is rich with culture, providing our China speaker with a wealth of stories and anecdotes to share in appreciation of the beautiful country. From bustling cities to scenic countryside, China’s journey to the country it is today can keep audiences on the edge of their seat for hours.

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