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In the fast-paced world of current affairs, keeping up can be a chore. Gaining an edge with insight from current affairs experts and high-profile broadcast journalists, ensures that you’re in tune with the world around you and your business. More than knowing what's hot and what's not, current affairs answers the questions posed in the fields of banking, business and politics.


You can browse our blog section for updates on current affairs, or discover the current affairs speakers who are turning heads right now.


Why Are Current Affairs Important?


From national and international political affairs to environmental advances in technology, current affairs can reach all areas of life. Due to the relevancy of current affairs, it is important for people to stay up to date with advancements in politics and business, as it directly impacts our lives. 


When analysed by the Pew Research Centre, it was found that public knowledge of current affairs had remained consistent over previous years, despite the constantly developing media formats. Citizen’s are still as invested in current affairs, and are able to discuss major news events, just as much now as they did 20 years ago. 


Why Should I Book A Current Affairs Speaker?


As international politics, the world economy and public concerns continue to evolve, so do current affairs reports. Adapting to developing media forms, easy access to the internet has given us an immediate insight into the latest news stories, but it has reached an overwhelming point of biased opinions and false accounts. 


Sharing their insight into current affairs, void of prejudice, our speakers can offer up to date reports of current affairs at your event. Thought-provoking, honest and with immense knowledge of a topic, there is no better way to understand current affairs that through one of our speakers.

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