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The digital age has been moving thick and fast since the days that Apple, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard were battling it out to build the first accessible personal computer.


AI, AR, SEO, PPC, HTML, CPC, B2B, B2C, CTR, UX, CRM, FB, RT, SERP, XML; to some, these are just letters, to others these are abbreviations that make up a digital professional's day to day. Displaying just how expansive the digital world now is, these serve as a reminder that we have moved beyond the basics to open up a future that will see machine learning take on another life.


Whether your interests lie in digital marketing, digital disruption, coding, artificial intelligence and more, we work with digital speakers who can break down the field or speak authoritatively on advanced areas of digital technology.


View our blog posts for advice on the present and future of digital or browse our talented digital speakers to find the ideal speaker for you. If you would like to benefit from the expert recommendations of our booking agents, get in touch today and they will provide you with a shortlist in keeping with your conference.


Why Should I Book A Digital Speaker?


The digital landscape is complex and vast, from digital disruption and AI to digital marketing and online consumer behaviour, booking a digital speaker can shine a light on digital benefits for your business. 


In business, the influence of digital technology has opened up pathways for new industries, areas of study and job roles. Coming from a range of backgrounds, each at the top of their fields, our digital speakers are at the forefront of emerging technologies. This means that by booking one of our speakers, you are securing an industry insight into what the newest technologies can do for you.

Women holding a phone
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 14th May 2019
It is no secret that negative body image is linked to social media; in a survey of 227 female University students, women reported that they tend to negatively compare their own appearance with celebrities. Self-esteem has become a hot topic in the…
ai and digital disruption
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton | 09th May 2018
The topics of digital disruption and artificial intelligence (AI) have become more and more prominent in recent years, but what do these phrases actually mean? In a world where technology is advancing all the time, it is…
Conference Speakers
Luke Vials
Luke Vials | 01st July 2017
In 2017 technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives, whether that be doing our shopping, talking to our friends or buying our clothes. With this in mind now more than ever is the perfect time to book technology speakers for motivational…