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Generation Speakers

Find out about the latest updates from each generation, including Millennials and Generation Z, to keep on top of the latest trends. 


At present, Millennials and Generation Z are the most recent generations to shape the world we live in.


Though just decades apart, each generation is shaped by different environmental factors that determine their traits and characteristics. Whereas Millennials can remember the turn of the millennia, Gen Z has grown up surrounded by the tech revolution.


What Will A Generation Speaker Discuss?


Generation speakers can bridge the gap between the drastically contrasting decades, encouraging a heightened understanding of how each generation works. The media is quick to critique generations, claiming that Baby Boomers destroyed the economy whereas Millennials are lazy, generation speakers will rewrite these assumptions and promote acceptance for the unique advantages each generation brings to the workforce. 


What Dictates A Generation? 


Typically referring to a group of people born within a certain time frame, generational differences are dictated by the technological, economic, social and political landscape that shaped the decades. Directly influencing those who grew up in that period, vast differences can be found from one generation to the next. 


How Different Are Millenials & Generation Z?


Though they grew up in contrasting economic climates, both generations are considered to share similar views on politics and entrepreneurship. Intent upon raising their voice against injustice, it is commonly regarded that Gen Z and Millennials share a common goal to right the wrongs of the generations before them. Our Millennial and Gen Z speakers are a mix of individuals with first-hand experience and experts who have dedicated their lives to studying the unique generations. Book a speaker today to learn about the generational traits.

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