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Breaking down barriers and making discoveries that can impact people around the world, scientists play a crucial role in developing what we know and what we can do. Constantly testing the limits, scientist’s findings help enrich and improve lives, as well as improve our knowledge and change our perceptions.


Building on many years of research and discovery, the best science speakers have lived and breathed their work and can passionately convey their efforts, their motivations and achievements. Including prize-winners, thought-leaders and innovators who have changed the world as we know it, our array of science speakers is a must for corporate and academic conferences where the focus is on the wonderful world of science.


Which Topics Can A Science Speaker Discuss?


Within reason, science speakers can discuss everything. Want to understand how psychology influences procrastination? The ways in which sustainability can benefit your business? Or the future of healthcare? These speakers can offer their personal experiences and years of knowledge to show your company how science can benefit your industry. 


Science is filled with revolutionary, innovative ideas. Though you may not need to know the biology of geo-engineering, you may want to learn the strategies utilised by scientists to nurture ground-breaking ideas. These speakers aren’t just scientists, but experts in overcoming obstacles through critical thinking, a trait that heavily benefits business owners. 


Speakers who specialise in scientific topics aren’t making estimates, they are using their personal studies and findings to make predictions, offer advice and suggest strategies to aid your business. Whether you wish to explore a complex topic, promote innovation or inspire your team, these speakers pride themselves in providing tried and tested results.

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Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 29th April 2019
The science behind motivation can be filtered into two factors, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, referring to the mental drive to complete a task.  For example, what is your motivation for reading this blog post?