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After Dinner Speakers

The after-dinner circuit is a broad realm. Where entertainment is a common feature, so too is inspiration, emotion and information. Often classy affairs, after dinner engagements lend an air of sophistication to an evening. No matter the theme or style of the event in question, there are a number of exciting additions you can make.

An event host can be chosen to spearhead the evening, seamlessly taking audiences between courses, between entertainment, awards and fundraisers. An after dinner comedian can be the ideal person to keep audiences engaged and upbeat. After dinner speakers offer a similar ability. Whether they are renowned for using humour or nail-biting stories, insight or emotion - they can ensure your after dinner event goes to plan.

Speaker with microphone
Serena Murphy
Serena Murphy | 01st March 2019
The best keynote speakers in the world have a way of expressing their experiences in an entertaining and engaging fashion. Whether you are looking for the best or merely a top-class speaker on the topic of your choosing, we are here to help you find…
Charles Van Commenee
Luke Vials
Luke Vials | 18th February 2018
Public speaking can be one of the most daunting tasks someone can face. Having the confidence to address a large room of people isn’t for everyone but in some job roles, especially in the world of business, it can be hard to avoid. However…
Motivational Speaker
champions | 12th December 2016
We take a look at how a motivational speaker can motivate your team, and what they can bring to a conference to improve the output of your business.