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Economics speakers are at the heart of international politics. Navigating challenges and spying opportunities and trends, they are the experts driving global operations. A multitude of roles make up the world of economics with experts specialising in finance, economic trends, behaviours and more.


No matter whether you want a political candidate, correspondent or current affairs thought-leader our team have worked with some of the finest in the field.

Valentines Day
Serena Murphy
Serena Murphy | 20th November 2016
With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, love is well and truly in the air. All across the UK, couples are expected to spend over £2 billion on products befitting the occasion, with around £557 million spent going out on dinners, £461 million on gifts…
Bank Of England
Scott Skerritt
Scott Skerritt | 07th March 2016
With the referendum over the UK’s membership of the European Union taking place on Thursday 23 June, both “Remain” and “Leave” camps are putting forward their arguments over the future of the country.
Finance Speakers
Scott Skerritt
Scott Skerritt | 25th June 2015
We showcase many multi-national finance speakers on our website, who, with their knowledge of the crucial industry share it at corporate and conference events to an audience looking for someone influential to guide them or motivate them to…