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Emotional Intelligence
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton | 16th January 2019
Emotional intelligence is what distinguishes how aware we are of our own emotions, and how in control we are of what we feel and how we handle our relationships.
Three Motivational Lessons That We Can All Learn From Sir Alex Ferguson
Luke Vials
Luke Vials | 20th October 2018
When you think about one of the world’s most successful football teams, Manchester United, one man who instantly springs to mind is the legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Often regarded as the greatest football manager of all time,…
Holly Tucker
Luke Vials
Luke Vials | 09th August 2018
The UK is home to some of the world’s greatest female entrepreneurs, many of whom also make for fantastic after dinner speakers. In what is traditionally a male dominated industry, many of these entrepreneurs have had to fight to make it and…
Lord Alan Sugar
Luke Vials
Luke Vials | 23rd January 2018
Best known for his role as the no-nonsense investor on BBC One’s popular reality business show The Apprentice, Lord Sugar has worked as one of the country’s most successful businessmen for more than 50 years. During his …