Jeff Bezos

Founder Of Amazon

Jeff Bezos

You don’t become the richest person in the world without being hugely successful, and subsequently highly motivated. With aspirations that extend beyond what is usual, normal or even beyond what is commonly considered- successful, Jeff Bezos is simply one of the most important and influential men on the planet. Showing ambition and innovation from an early age, Jeff even once managed to dissemble his crib with a screwdriver when he was a toddler!

Some years later, the prodigy graduated Princeton University in 1986, and it was there where Jeff began a career as a computer scientist on Wall Street. There, Jeff recognised the business benefits that the internet could holster and became one of the leading lights in the growth of internet. Today he has proved that he fore-sore, to some degree the impending development of internet, and his establishment of Amazon has proved tremendously successful.

As one of the leading entrepreneurs across the world, and in history – Jeff Bezos has turned Amazon from an online store run from his own garage, to the biggest internet superstore worldwide in just a quarter of a decade, since 1994. Jeff’s Amazon started life as an online book seller before branching out to eventually encompass a wide range of products and services. Now Bezos is cited as a visionary and as one of the most influential leaders around. Fortune states Jeff as fifth on a list named World’s Greatest Leaders, behind only the likes of Pope Francis. Jeff has won multiple awards throughout his career, including some of the most prestigious.

In 1999 Jeff was named the Time Magazine’s Person of The Year and in 2012, he became Fortune magazine’s Businessman of the Year. In 2018, Bezos became just the third recipient of the Axel Springer Award (since 2016), in appreciation of the most innovative personalities in the world. Now, as well as having a multi-billion-pound company to run, and two legs in a race to become the first $1 trillion company – Jeff is a fascinating and expressive motivational keynote speaker, one with knowledge, experience and an energy that invigorates and engages audiences. Jeff is the sort of after-dinner speaker with the prestige and aptitude to influence teams, delegates, students and more.

He offers an insight into business, Amazon and projects and interests close to his heart. He is a thought leader in topics such as; creative thinking, business strategy, social responsibility, innovative design and retail. He is also absorbed in topics as far-reaching as Space. in 2000 Jeff founded Blue Origin, a spaceflight company which aims to achieve space travel for all people. Originally interested in the idea of ‘space tourism’ with hotels and amusement parks orbiting the earth, Jeff carried out the eighth test flight phase in the New Shepherd reusable rocket in April 2018 and that has opened the prospect of the first paying space tourists in 2019.

Jeff’s love and fascination with space and other pioneering ventures, is evident in his after-dinner speaking events. In 2013 Jeff added another feather to his cap by making the move into journalism when he purchased The Washington Post newspaper. Having spent time in a variety of different industries in his career, Jeff can engage as a keynote speaker, with all audiences.

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When at corporate events, Jeff is known to cover the following topics:

  • Shopping Habits
  • Retail & Business Management
  • Advertising
  • Technological Advances
  • Entrepreneurial



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